What is the state of ‘Ihram’ during Umrah ?

Every year millions of Muslims perform Umrah pilgrimage by visiting the holy city of Makkah, this also includes a large number of muslims from India travelling on Umrah packages as well.


The state of 'Ihram' is the first step for any pilgrim wishing to perform Umrah. The state of Ihram is believed to be a special state of spiritual purity which every pilgrim should enter before starting of Umrah and carry out the required rituals to complete Umrah. The state of Ihram also requires both men and women to wear special cloths for the purpose of performing Umrah.


Ihram for Man

Ihram for men includes wearing an outfit which consist of only two pieces of white, unsown, cloth. The first piece of cloth is wrapped around his midriff to cover his lower body and the other piece of cloth is used to cover his shoulders and his upper body.


Ihram for Women

Women must cover their bodies in a loose fitting outfit that completely conceals her, leaving her face and hands revealed. It should also cover her hair. Women are not permitted to cover their faces as it is prohibited during pilgrimage.


Women are also allowed to wear regular clothes if Ihram is not available, this can be done with a clear intention of entering into state of Ihram and these cloths also should completely cover the body of woman, leaving hands and face uncovered.


Niyah (intention) for Umrah

Besides entering into a state of Ihram by wearing cloths, every pilgrims must also complete their Ihram by reciting niyat or intention to perform Umrah. It is recommended that both men and women offer two Rakat Namaz (Salah) with the Niyah of entering into the state of Ihram for Umrah.


Miqaat (The place from where state of ihram starts)

Miqaat literally means the place from where state of Ihram starts. Al-Bukhari states that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said: "one shouldn't pass the Miqat unless he/she is in the state of Ihram." (Al-Bukhari)


Every pilgrim travelling for Umrah should get into a state of Ihram. One should get into a State of Ihraam before passing the Miqat (The place from where state of ihram starts).


Prohibitions after the state of Ihram

After entering into a state of Ihram following things are prohibited

  • Removing of hair
  • Removing or cutting nails.
  • Wearing perfume or scent on the body or clothing.
  • Picking up anything dropped or lost in Makkah by anyone, unless with intention to find the right owner.
  • Engaging in sexual relations.
  • Wearing makeup
  • Wearing socks

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General Questions

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General Questions

Every year millions of Muslims perform Umrah pilgrimage by visiting the holy city of Makkah, this also includes a large number of muslims from India travelling on Umrah packages as well.
The state of 'Ihram' is the first step for any pilgrim wishing to perform Umrah. read more

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