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General Questions

Umrah visa, like visa for any other country could be as easy or as difficult. Your intentions should be very clear and supporting documents well in place. The approved agent for Umrah visa collate all necessary documentations required by embassy for your visa application like valid passport, photographs, travel proofs like hotels vouchers... read more

An individual customised Umrah package is organised as per your requirement. This offers a lot of flexibility to individual traveller planning to travel for Umrah. Unlike a group package where the complete group Umrah package is designed to offer cheapest cost on a fixed date with inclusions of the package like airlines, hotels and transportation chosen.. read more

Planning in advance is highly recommended for Umrah travel, hundreds of thousands of muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca for Umrah throughout the year besides same number of travelers from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and nearby countries. read more

From India the preferred carrier for Umrah by most of the travellers booking Umrah packages is Saudi Arabian Airlines for many reasons besides convenient direct flight connections to Jeddah and Madina. At the same time it is possible to combine other destinations with your Umrah travel via onward connections on Saudi Arabian Airlines or by more

General Questions

Every year millions of Muslims perform Umrah pilgrimage by visiting the holy city of Makkah, this also includes a large number of muslims from India travelling on Umrah packages as well.
The state of 'Ihram' is the first step for any pilgrim wishing to perform Umrah. read more

Travelling for Umrah is an individual decision and you can decide anytime to travel for Umrah (Except for times when it is not allowed like during Hajj ). There are group packages available organised by approved agents but sometimes dates or the service offered in Group Umrah package may not be suitable to your more

We offer customised Umrah packages for people travelling on pilgrimage. Our Umrah packages include highest quality of travel related service like carefully chosen airlines carriers and connections, visa assistance, Hotels of all categories with great location (Distance from Masjid al-Haram or Kaaba sharif matters a lot during pilgrimage)... read more

Customised Umrah packages offers you complete flexibility to design your Umrah package absolutely according to your wish, budget or comfort requirements. Our consultants assist you with options of private transportations between cities of Jeddah, Mecca and Madina, choice of airlines connections and options to choose between economy class, more

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